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Asking for a mate is live

About the Podcast

Asking for a mate is the podcast where guys are not afraid to go deep.


Every month, we get the chance to ask my mates some tough questions and hear what's underneath their thick skin.


Unashamedly, we’re ‘Asking for a mate’ so you don’t have to.

Take a journey through the minds of Aussie men with Cecile (our European agony aunt) as she asks questions that others won't and goes to places that others can't.

These are raw, real life stories.

List of Episodes

Each episode of Asking for a mate is the unique story of a real young Australian guy opening up about his struggles in relationships. Get a sneak peek of each story that is discussed in the podcast and go the Podcast player to listen directly to the episode. 

Can you ever get over the love of your life? Asking for a mate

Breakups are never easy but they are even worse when you feel like you are losing the love of your life.

Tune in and listen to Eric's story on how he found love but never managed to live it fully.

What happened? Did he get closure? Could he ever get her back? Embark on the roller coaster of miscommunication, frustration and broken hearts.


What if you get the hots for someone else than your GF? Asking for a mate

There are situations that you feel you can't control.

What would happen if you start being sexually attracted to someone else than your partner? What should you do? Can you or should you suppress those feelings? What if you act on it? 

Listen to Steve's story about cheating. Discover the reason behind and how he ended up dealing with the guilt.

Can you grow up in a cult and become a rockstar? Asking for a mate

Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll, right? Well, that's what you expect when you interview a mate that lives on the road 6 months per year...  But the reality might be a little different, especially for Ben who grew up in a cult and promised (at the time) to wait for marriage.  


Embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery, heartbreaks, Canadian hitchhiking and ball-licking dogs...  sounds weird and wanna know why? Tune in!

How do you raise a good man?

Asking for a mate

Recently, some behaviours (especially towards women, but not only) were finally recognised as inappropriate. Our society decided to do better when it comes to the way we treat each other.


How do we now teach our little ones to be good people and how do we make sure that we are raising 'good men'?


Join my conversation with Clayton, a young dad of a 2-year-old who is making sure to share his most important values with his son.

Can you happily live an unconventional life?

Asking for a mate

For the 5th episode of Asking for a mate, Benny is joining me for an incredible episode on living an unconventional life. 

Benny doesn’t like to conform and he even decided to buy a big catamaran earlier this year. He’s been living on it ever since.



Whilst living such a life sounds like a dream come true, it also comes with its fair share of challenges.


Got something to say?

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